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- Upcoming Book Release in 2024 - 

The Work and Education of The Soul I

The Required Knowledge of all Souls on the Path of Earth

Ana Melkizedek

"This book is the first of its kind, providing completely clear information regarding the entire structure of human evolution, from the very first step of the first incarnation through all the layers and steps, finally coming into conclusion or to the human being complete of their training of this earthly school or education. This book provides the entire structure of this journey of a soul coming into its first human form. Evolving through all these layers or focuses of their education, until finally they reach the last process. It is a process of physical expansion into physical connections of God, through this form provided here on earth.

This is the first time that we have gathered all of this information within one clear book or structure. Here, you receive a clear view of all the human experiences, levels and insights that are to be gained by each of us living this physical expansion or journey, within the school or training of earth. It is the same for all. Here, we have provided all. All clear information a soul is to gain through all of their earthly expansion is held in this book.

This is also the purpose of this book: to provide clearly the structures of the order that all humans live and experience, in order to bring understanding of the purpose behind all things lived, seen and experienced. Here, we give you that - the purpose behind all earthly things - and through seeing this purpose we will find love towards all that we see, are and experience too, since these two expressions in truth are only one thing - it is godly or universal love.

So the purpose of this book is to explain clearly the order, structure and purpose behind all human evolution through earthly life and levels. When this is seen and understood, the purpose of it is found too, and this purpose equals love. So this book brings godly or universal love into all earthly things, through gaining a clear mind. Through you, this universal love will be shared, and this is the purpose of all and therefore also of this book."

The Work and Education of the Soul I will be released in 2024, and it is the first volume of a series of books of the Esoteric work and information of The Work of Light of All.