The Work of Light of All

The Work of Light of All

The Work of Light of All is the clear work of light of The Mahatma and The Ashrams of The Rays of Light of this planetary system, in collaboration with me, Ana Melkizedek, as a clear channel. These structures of work provide clear opportunity to reach your soul's presence and comprehension, and the connections to the clear levels beyond earth and earthly structures.

This work only provides one thing: the next clear step in each connection of truth, and this connection is held in each session, providing you with your next stage of clear evolution, or the next step of your soul's Divine Plan.

This work is for all on all stages. Although, work on higher and clear levels requires certain intentions to be clear in each student, in order to be granted access to those specific studies.

This work provides, in time and with regular connections, the purpose, intention and true connection of each level of consciousness for each student. We look clearly at your held level of light or consciousness, your connected mission of your soul through all time of earth, and your mission in this life or incarnation. We provide each step needed, specifically for you, your place and your connected task and level. Each clear step is provided. Together we gain your highest level of truth, consciousness, clarity and clear comprehension of each level, so that you can assist earth and humans through your gained presence of light.

This work is not for you - it is not for self. This work is for all. It is the Work of Light of All, meaning that the purpose is for us to become clear and of truth, and to be of clear assistance through our presence, in the great Work of Light of All through this universe.

You are welcome to connect to us and to join us in this work.

The Mahatma - The Ashrams of The Rays of Light - Ana Melkizedek


Ana Melkizedek

I am a clear channel of the Esoteric work and information. I work solely for the clarity and reach of the own clear connection of the own soul-presence of each client or reader. My work is only this and nothing else.

Through all time, the purpose of my work is to clarify the universal structures of earth and humans, and the path of evolution that we all take or work through, within earth's space, into a clear structure of information, possible to comprehend as a greater line of information of the structure of all. My work makes a map of this structure or path that all follow, easy to grasp and to understand. Through getting this comprehension of who we really are, in truth, what earth is, in truth, what soul expansion is, in truth, we gain our own clear connection to our soul's path - our Divine Plan - and we can begin to walk it with open eyes. This is what is called soul connection and soul consciousness. Eventually, we will reach soul embodiment through this path, and this is the goal for all. In this soul connection, we reach our own clear space of truth, or universal light structures or knowledge, held within us all. There, lies true comprehension of all connections, purpose and soul relations, and of our true mission, held through all time.

So in doing this work, this is what is reached, sooner or later. It is the goal of all time - to reach, connect to and to become what we are, in truth: our soul or god-presence - our clear universal core of our true presence. My work provides the structures of information where this occurs, and my task is to decipher these structures into and easy-to-grasp structure of information and techniques. It is only this. This is my role in this evolution: I find the clear connections, and I put them together into a clear order for you to see and understand too.

At this time I am only focused on one thing: to provide a clear order of the entire path of humans of earth, for you to understand this structure of evolution through all your time here. When you do, you too will reach soul connectedness and soul consciousness, through this clarity of your mind, provided by the understanding of this information. So, my task is to find, structure and put together the clear order of the true evolution of all humans, through their time of earth. Then you too can see this clearly, and understand where you stand, in truth. Because when you do, you connect to your soul's presence and through you, light then follows. Ever expanding into new presence, through your then clear presence.

I am Swedish and based in Sweden. I speak Swedish or English, but all written material like channeling and techniques of meditation are given in English.

Books of Unity

Books of Unity is the imprint providing the books of the Esoteric work of the soul - its guidance, steps or techniques and information - of the Work of Light of All. 

The work of the soul of The Work of Light of All within the Esoteric tradition

The Work of Light of All offers Esoteric work of the soul within the following areas:

The Education and Work of the Soul within the Esoteric Tradition into Discipleship for The New Age, also known as The Esoteric Education, Channeling and Healing / Vibrational work with The Mahatma and The 12 Rays of Light, both 1:1 sessions and group sessions, and Akashic Reading.

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